Katy perry dress cake

Katy perry dress cake
Katy perry dress cake Katy perry dress cake Katy perry dress cake

I recently participated in a fashion collaboration by polka dots cakes academy where we have to choose a creation of internationally acclaimed designer Manish Arora. I chose to make this one because my favorite singer Katy Perry too wore this dress in one of her concert. I was literally on my toes while working on this. The upper part is all rice crispy treat which I carved to give this shape. Trust me it wasn’t an easy job given the sudden temperature change in delhi(india)during those days. Ur chocolate is not setting but u can’t switch on the aircondioner at the same tym coz then it gets uncomfortably cold. In this particular design I have to stack the whole structure first and then have to do the hand painted. So u can imagine given the giant baby she is , I was standing all the time while painting those colorful stripes. It took me 6 hours of standing doing those strips, my hands were numb, they were shaking. I even ignored my slip disc back pain because the satisfaction of working on this cake was tremendous.
But aftr completing this I was so proud of myself that I actually cried. Only u guys can understand the emotions I have gone thru. Pro

Ps. As ketty perry sings… Hear me ROARrrrrrr

Cake O'Luv


Manish Arora would feel so obliged !! Such a wonderful creation !! Awesome work Megha :)

Just falling short of words in describing ur creation,it’s fantabulous

Amazingly amazing!!! Love it!! So much detailing! !

Wonderful creation…it’s an absolute pleasure to see this work of art.