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Handpainted whisky bottle with cheese

Inspired by Dominique Ballard’s hand painted standing whisky bottle, I asked if he would mind if I copied his design. It was the first time I had ‘copied’ someone’s work completed but I felt his version could not be bettered by putting my own spin on it…his was perfect. (I have fairly closely copied a Bing cake since then, but as a rule I do try to make my cakes my own). Dominique was more than happy for me to copy and even gave me some pointers. Made it months ago, but have only got round to putting it on here. I hope I did it justice.

-- Sue's Sugar Art Bakery

handpainted 3d standing whisky bottle


Bethann Dubey

awesome! love the bottle! <33

Calli Creations


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Handpainted whisky bottle with cheese