Pinwheel Wedding

Pinwheel Wedding
Pinwheel Wedding Pinwheel Wedding Pinwheel Wedding

Made for a good friend’s wedding. Her theme was pinwheels and she specifically wanted all buttercream with fondant decorations. This one was a challenge for me, but was thrilled with how it came out!

For the fondant pinwheels, I just layed two pieces of fondant (the teal & then the white & green) and rolled them a bit to ensure they were sealed together. The white side was just random pieces of green layed on white fondant and then using a small rolling pin, just thinned it out a bit. I then googled how to make a paper pinwheel and made the similar cuts to the fondant squares – Voila! Pinwheels! :)

At the reception I added handmade paper pinwheels that the bride put together. Her mom also found some mini fisher price toys and asked me to add them to the top too! I thought they added a cute touch! Whatever the customer wants! :)

Mary, Western MA,


This is my favorite cake by you! I can not wait to try out making fondant pinwheels. I have never seen it done before. <3

Tiff - MA

I love the fondant pinwheels…who would have thunk it!? Very cute!

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