TAJ MAHAL-The epitome of love!!

TAJ MAHAL-The epitome of love!!
TAJ MAHAL-The epitome of love!! TAJ MAHAL-The epitome of love!! TAJ MAHAL-The epitome of love!! TAJ MAHAL-The epitome of love!!

The theme of the cake was LOVE!!
The first thing that came upto my mind was that why don’t I create an architectural masterpiece depicting Love.. And which architectural monument in the world that depicts love surpasses TAJ MAHAL?
So there I got the urge of creating one of the world’s greatest architectural wonders and an iconic symbol of love with Cake.

TAJ MAHAL- The epitome of love!!

Being of Indian descent and a staunch believer of fairytale love, the story of the most iconic tribute to love had captured my fancy since the day I saw it.
So here I take you through the journey of creating this masonry in form of a cake.
The entire white structure depicts the pure white marble that it is actually made up of.
This cake is made according to the measurements of the original building.
Every object in here was handcrafted without using moulds or texture sheets.
Going from bottom to top:
The base is cut according to the actual shape of Taj Mahal’s base.
In the centre of the structure is seen the Arch also called pishtaq.
Over it is Spandret: space between an arch and rectangular enclosure.
Just on it’s out border is Calligraphy done on large pishtaq. The motifs of stacked pishtaqs is replicated on the chamfered corner areas, making the design totally symmetrical on all sides of the building. On the cake all of the above are hand painted showing the delicate carving that resembles an impressionist painting.
The bulbous dome is shaped like an onion and there is lotus decoration above it with an ornamental terminating part on the top.
Lotus is the prominent Hindu symbol used in Taj Mahal.
There are 4 small domes surrounding the dome called Chattris which are hand cut.
Four minarets frame the tomb, one at each corner facing the chamfered corners.

Pictures are taken depicting the day and night beauty of Taj Mahal.

Hope I’ve done a little justice to this structure which is a homage to Love.