Love Love Love Love

LOVE , such a small word but so many definitions. For everyone love means different things. For me love is a feeling which gives me happiness & glow & warmth in my heart. Love is not just holding hands or watching sunset together or kissing in the moonlight. Its more than that. Love is sharing our souls with someone who understands us more than we ourselves do. Love is a lifetime feeling meant for always & always. I am lucky in this respect, I found my love & soulmate in my husband who understands all my madness & handles it too.
My first love though is my books. I like nothing better than curling up with my favourite book & a cup of coffee. I was introduced in the world of love & romance through the novels , especially Mills & Boons. Love at first sight , sparks when touched , oooh!! sounds so good, doesn’t it. And of course our hero, Tall Dark Handsome. Who wouldn’t want him.
Then there is the passion of Rhett Butler & Scarlertt or the hidden love of Mr Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet who don’t want to recognise their love. And latest one is Edward Cullen & Bella. A vampire falling in love with a human , like Edward says , " And the lion fell in love with the lamb ". So Romantic.
What better way to depict love than these books. What do u say !


Wowww… Amazing

Deepti Chandnani

Amazing…it’s looking so real . Stunning photography!!!!!

Fantabulous. 😍😍

Schokolade by Ridhima n sakshi

Beautiful work. Everything Looks so real

Amazingly beautiful 😍

Pooja Nanda Sareen

Awesome!! Feels like those books r real..