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Antique bronze leaves

I love the way the parrot tulip brightens up the subtle antique bronze. I was a little worried at the beginning, but this may have turned out to be one of my favourites ^^.

gumpaste fondant gold dust fondant modelling tools silicone molds for some decorations. paint brushes bronze one tier single tier cake bas relief olive green antique gold leaves parrot tulip gumpaste parrot tulip sugar flower green and white elegant subtle regal


Happyhills Cakes

Love this

Kokoro Cakes by Kyoko Grussu

Beautiful 💜

Elli Warren

Gorgeous!! :-) x

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Really beautiful!

Calli Creations

stunning!! love that colouration

Art Sucré by Mounia

Thank you!! It took me forever to get the right finish ^^;. And now the green from the fondant base won’t wash off my hands! Who said cake design wasn’t all glitz and glamour?! :D

Sugar Street Studios by Zoe Burmester

Love the bronze finish. Really elegant cake

The Rosehip Bakery

Love love love it!

Sandra Smiley

Gorgeous! LOL – my hands frequently look like a car mechanics from handling food colors.

Art Sucré by Mounia

Thanks! lol right???? I keep telling myself I’ll start using gloves, but they just feel too weird, and the fondant sticks to them. So I ended up accepting my avant garde “chimney sweep chic” look.



Sweet Dreams by Heba

this is beautiful


I love this! So much detail xx nicely done

Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Gorgeous. The finish is so beautiful.


Love this! It’s beautiful

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Antique bronze leaves