S.O.S Allotment 80th Birthday Cake !

S.O.S Allotment 80th Birthday Cake !
S.O.S Allotment 80th Birthday Cake ! S.O.S Allotment 80th Birthday Cake !

I had no plans to bake or decorate a cake today until, at 9:30am my sisters friend rang in a tearful panic because a cake person had let her down on her fathers 80th birthday cake. She went to collect it and her order had been overlooked, she was refunded her £20 deposit and left empty handed. Could I help?

I had just over 9 hours to make a cake in an allotment theme and included a Meerkat with a long white beard that represents her white haired bearded Dad! ‘Simples’ I thought, loads of time!
Being inexperienced, this is only my fourth cake, the rest being done over two or three days, I didn’t realise how many hours it does take me! I made it with 20 minutes to spare, from the photos you may see the paint is still wet!! Is that a normal amount of time ??

Jane was thrilled and cried with relief and joy! I only took her deposit money, it covered my materials and after all it is the season of goodwill!

It’s not my usual style and not as ‘perfect’ as I would have liked but I’m happy Jane was happy! I
- Oh Tidings of Comfort and Joy X


Thanks Elli ! I was worried when there was just an hour to go! Phew! X

You sure pulled the rabbit out of the hat on this one, Christopher! Brilliant, and in such a short time, too!

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great job well donex

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I don’t think you fully appreciate how long you spend on a cake until you have to do one all in one go like that. I think you did a fab job!

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You’ve done a great job Christopher and I enjoyed reading your write up.

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Wow, that is incredible! You did such an awesome job!!

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I also didn’t realize how time consuming cake decorating is until I tried it! I definitely have a new appreciation for it! You did a great job for the short time frame! 👍

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