New age cake

New age cake
New age cake

These days brides all around the world are looking for something new, something unconventional.. whether it’s their dresses, jewellery or CAKE.
This new cake of mine is a refelection of a modern bride who is thinking beyond sugar flowers, gold,glitter and dragees.
Bottom tier is a flower shaped carved cake with bas relief technique given on the intricacies.. I have used lots of wafer papers to make a lantern shape in one of the tier.. above thatis a double barrel tier on which I have used water color effect both on cake and the flower. Topmost sphere shaped cake has been decorated with hand painted flowers and crushed wafer paper.

Cake O'Luv



Seema's Cake Couture

Its so very beautiful. Elegance redfined.

yea, this is so pretty.

the flower, the lantern shape.. WOW!

Polka Dots Cakes

fantastic cake 👍🏻
All the very best to the creator 🍫

Stay Chocolitious