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UNSA Be Red Collaboration Cake

This is my piece for the UNSA Be Red Collaboration. I am so honored to be a UNSA member and a part of this amazing cause. My piece depicts hope through the butterflies. The mother is giving it, the child is reaching for it and it is supporting the world. I made the world white to show purity as a sign of getting to zero. “Hope of getting to Zero”. Please check out the other amazing pieces in this collaboration as well as ways to contribute to the cause by visiting our FB page!

-- Shannon Mayes-SweetArt Cake Company

wafer paper fondant modeling chocolate gel food color icing sheets paper punch paint brushes sculpting tools unsa unsa collaboration bered butterflies hope


Michal Bulla

very nice cake!

Rebecca Jane Sugar Art

So stunning Shannon <3

Sprinkles Mixing Bowl - Jayne Nixon

Gorgeous and new follow x

Anna Bonilla


The Chain Lane Cake Co.


Cup of Cookies

Beautiful! <3


This is stunning!!


Stunning <3

Shannon Mayes-SweetArt Cake Company

Thanks so much everyone!!

Wooden Heart Cakes

Stunning ❤️

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UNSA Be Red Collaboration Cake