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Ironman Cake


Here is my latest cake. I loved making this as I am a HUGE Marvel fan :)

I carved this from a 10" round. I then used a template that I printed to carved the basic shape. I then added the eye sockets and contours.

I covered the cake in white icing and added details with my icing tools. I airbrushed the cake red to start and built up the colour from there. The gold I hand painted using edible gold lustre.

The eyes were done using balloon lights and small lenses made from blue plastic :) Hope you like it!

-- Kayleigh's Kreations xxx

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Michal Bulla

I like it, well done!


Wow! That looks incredible! Love it!

Sweet Fusion Cakes (Anjuna)

Looks fantastic. x

Kayleigh's Kreations

thank you very much all :) xx

The Chain Lane Cake Co.

Brilliant x

Pincel Mágico

Really cool :)

Kayleigh's Kreations

thank you hunni xxx

CakeHeaven by Marlene


Carter Valentino Ltd

Very cool, I love lights on cakes X

Kayleigh's Kreations

Thank you Marlene xx

Kayleigh's Kreations

Thank you Valentino xx

Julie's Little Cake Company

Brilliant!! xx

Kayleigh's Kreations

Thank you Julie xx

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Ironman Cake