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Grimm Cinderella

This cake was made as part of a collaboration celebrating The Brothers Grimm.

I chose Cinderella. In the Grimm story Cinderella’s mother dies, her father remarries and one day on the way back from market he brings her a twig which she plants on her mothers grave. It grows into a tree and some doves appeared to grant her every wish.

They help her with chores set by her stepsisters so she can get to the ball and they make her dresses and shoes of gold and silver. (no glass slippers in this story I’m afraid)

When the Prince finally discovered her identity and she left the house to go with him 2 pigeons appeared and sat on Cinderella’s shoulders.

On the day the Prince and Cinderella got married her stepsisters arrived hoping to gain favour but instead the pigeons pecked out their eyes.

I hope you like my piece, it’s hand painted onto a mix of flower paste and fondant.

-- Red Alley Cakes

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Claire North

hey I never heard this version before, very cool. Isn’t it amazing how their fairy tales are all sort of…well bloody and a little gruesome. :-) you did a fantastic job :-)


Well done, great piece x

Jewels Cakes

Fantastic Alison. xxx

Julie Reed Cakes

Fabulous well done x


Lol the step sisters hot what they deserved. Love your version in sugar! Beautifully done

Shellee's Cake Creations

Beautiful work 💖


Fab xcc

SpecialT Cakes - Tracie Callum

Love this Alison well done x

Red Alley Cakes (Alison Rankin)

Thanks everyone x


Fantastic xx



Sue's Sweet Delights

Love the concept! xx Fabulosos!

Timi Grant TheCakeAffair

Great work

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Grimm Cinderella