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Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales "Bluebeard"

I chose Bluebeard to interpret in the Grimm Bros collaboration, and decided to make it very simple using only rose petals, blood and a little golden key bloodstained of course. The tale begins with a young woman who marries a man who has been married multiple times. His previous wives have all disappeared. When he leaves for a business trip, he gives her the keys to the castle and bades her to use all the keys, to go anywhere but one small room. She is never ever to use the golden key and gain entry to the small locked room. Curiousity prevailed and naturally she entered and saw to her horror, the bodies of his previous wives. She drops the key in horror and it becomes stained in blood. Try as she did she could not get the key clean and upon his return he says the stained key. He guesses what she has done and decides she must join the rest of the wives. As he goes to kill her, her brothers rush in and kill him. Quite a gory tale for a child if you ask me!
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-- Claire North

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Wonderful Claire.

Claire North

ooops apologies for the poor grammar, past my bedtime I think :-)




Fantastic xx

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Brilliant x

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Fantastic Claire well done x




Great piece Claire, Well done x




Brilliant simplicity Claire

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Fabulous piece!!! :-) x

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Fantastic x

Claire North

thanks everyone, I really wanted to take it down to it’s simplest have just the bare bones that told the story in one single picture….


Looks great!

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fab deisgn

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Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales  "Bluebeard"