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The last weekend, we doubtless realized most large order since the beginning of our activity. Indeed, the challenge was to realize a sweet table with a 3 tiers wedding cake, 40 decorated cookies, 60 decorated cupcakes and finally 150 gift’s cookies for the guests. A big challenge which, fortunately, was on one of our themes of preference: the geek’s culture (video games, movies, series, etc.).

For that prestation, we also purchased a food printer, which was perfect to the idea we had for the wedding cake, as well as for gift’s cookies. It is moreover with their realizations that we began. The bridegrooms, being in the field of the graphics(handwriting), had realized a logo specially for their marriage and wished to find him(it) on these famous biscuits. The level of details being very high and not really compatible with our current techniques, the role of the food printer taken all its sense. It was necessary to us, to make quite a lot of tries before obtaining the result which suited us. Began then a very long work of cut of 150 logos, then the sticking on 150 biscuits.

We attacked 40 decorated biscuits. We chose 4 different models from “Space Invaders”, that we cut at the same time in the cookie dough and from 4 colors of sugarpaste (red / blue / black / gold, the colors of the marriage). We then started 60 cupcakes where the design which we chose, represented the stars of the day. A swallow for the bride (exactly her tattoo), a logo of Batman for the bridegroom and finally a heart in pixel art which makes the connection between them.

Finally, we concentrated on the main part, the wedding cake. We inspired us from the wedding create by the bride, where we found various references of movies, videogames, and other cult visual elements. The style, in black line drawing, being also complicated to reproduce, again the food printer played a major role in the success of the final composition. A lot of elements that it was necessary to draw, print and cut to harmonize the cake and giving a very personal aspect. We again played with the colors of the marriage as well as with the various thicknesses of fondant to give the volume to the set and a big visual wealth. A big heart in pixel art came to throne in the summit, stamped by the play on words Game Lover. In the end, we were, as well as the guests and the bridegrooms themselves, very satisfied with this new (for us) technique of food impression, which opens us doors to new graphic frenzies, always crazier and more detailed. We wish Loeiza and Anthony, our friends and bridegrooms, a very long life filled with love <4 ;) :D