Oreo wedding cake

Oreo wedding cake

I made this cake for my nephew and his wife for one of their receptions. I was given a photo and asked to do a similar design, unfortunately I do not know the original designer. The picture actually had four tiers, my Nephew and his wife only wanted two tiers. Red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting and lots and lots of Oreos!!!


This is such a fun design! I’m definitely going to try this out sometime. Did you use whole oreos or halve them?

Tiff - MA www.facebook.com/sweetbeecakery

Thank you! I used whole Oreo’s, but you could definately half them. I think I ened up using 8 bags of Oreos, there were a lot of broken cookies that I couldn’t use. This cake was a 6" and 8".
I look forward to seeing your photos. :)