Purple ornament

Purple ornament

Mini cake (12 × 12 cm), all decorations are made of fondant.

...aldoska... http://www.aldoska.estranky.cz


How do you get your strips of fondant so skinny and tapered at the ends? Just love all your cakes. I would love to watch you do one of these, you should put our a video tutorial.


I’m doing everything hands … I rolled out until it is thin.
Sorry, I can not video, I’m a technical dullard. :-) :-) :-)

...aldoska... http://www.aldoska.estranky.cz


We were in contact on the other site as I am always in total awe of your cakes and you have inspired me so much. I have found that a craft gun is the best way of getting thin strands of gumpaste and takes much less time than rolling by hand. You can get them from most cake supplies websites.

Hope you are well.


CP xxx

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