Parma violet wedding cake

Parma violet wedding cake

This cake had been thought up by the bride with a few tweaks from me, especially today when I finished it.

The bride and groom are from photos supplied by the bride, and I found him difficult to do as he is bald, has a small line beard and various piercings on his face.
Both of them are looking upwards, so you don’t see the face properly in the photo.

This design original had a plain ribbon band at the bottom of each tier, but I was not happy with the way that it looked, and substituted it for a band of embossed hearts.

Piping is not my hot area, so the arabesque detail on the bottom tier was a nightmare, but I got there eventually.

Hope you like it, am off to deliver first thing tomorrow morning.

gateaux de mandy


You did a good job Mandy xx



Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

oh wow, thats free-piped? amazing! I thought it was a lace mat! hope you’re well hun x

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Thanks all for your lovely comments.

gateaux de mandy