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Chef's Toque SSS Collaboration

Inaugural SSS Worldwide Edible Artists Collaboration

A Celebration of Friendship, Cake and Social Media!

Seventeen Cake Decorators From Around The World!
Seventeen Social Networks!
Seventeen Edible Works of Art!
I feel very honored to be a part of this fun collab. My logo is Cakesdecor and the item is Chef’s Toque which is supposed to be covered in the logo entirely. We had to incorporate our national cultural elements alongwith the National flag. I have added the Lotuses as its the National flower of my country India. Thank you so much Sugar Sharing Socialites for letting me be a part of this awesome collaboration. Thanks for having a look and any faves /comments.
Have a look at all the amazing pieces by other super talented sugar artists from all over the world on

-- Sonal

chef cake chef hat chefs hat sugar flowers flag cake ‪#‎cakecollab‬ sssocialites


Znique Creations

Awesome design!

Cake Decor in Cairns

We loved that CakesDecor was included! It’s a great platform! Great work Sonal!

Sonal Soni

Thank you so much Zelda and Naomi! 😘💗

Sugar Sharing Socialites

Thanks for working with us Sonal! your cake has been popular over on facebook xoxo


Love it!

EzTopperz by Jessica

Awesome piece Sonal xx

Sonal Soni

Thankyou so much Melanie and Jessica! 😘💗

favourite cakes

I think you did a amazing job Sonal!

Sonal Soni

Thank you so much Kim! 😘 💗

Tasneem Latif (That Takes the Cake)

Well done Sonal. This was awesome


love it

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Awesome cake, Sonal!!!! Love it!

Sonal Soni

Thankyou so much Luna and Marlene! 💖 💗



Sonal Soni

Thanks Tasneem and Teri, MsGF ! 💗 😊

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Chef's Toque SSS Collaboration