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Rainbow Pegacorn Launch!

Rainbow Pegacorn Launch! 5/11/15 – The Rainbow Pegacorn Mama is now teaching her baby to FLY! The Original Rainbow Pegacorn was so wildly popular that this Collaboration, Sugar Myths and Fantasies seemed like a perfect opportunity to make a follow-up design where Mama launches Baby into the air! Made from gumpaste, fondant, wire, and Love. Photos by Annette Slade Photography.
The collab is 54 artists working together over 9months, and is truly one of the most amazing Collaboration I’ve been involved in to date. Check us out at: https://www.facebook.com/SugarMythsandFantasies. Thank you Amber,Miguel and Anna for all your hard work!! #SugarMythsAndFantasiesCollaboration

I have ALSO made a long-asked-for Tutorial for the Original Rainbow Pegacorn snuggling pair, available on my website. Rainbow Pegacorn Mama and Baby Tutorial:


-- Heather S, CO/USA, www.art2eatcakes.com

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fantastic !!! Ü

Rachael Morris

I seriously think this is genius all the way round!

MonikaS • Truly Scrumptious

Love, love, LOVE!!!

Julie Tenlen

Absolutely amazing!!! I love everything about this piece and am so in love with the wings, I just can’t stand it!!! The entire design is AMAZING and the unicorn foal launching off the mare is to die for!!!!!!! <3 !!!!!

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

wow stunning as always

Mad Mike's Cakes

Awesome work. I love how graceful the piece is.

Calli Creations

Heather, once again you knock it right out the ballpark!!! sensational creation and pinned to Artistic Cakes on https://www.pinterest.com/CalliciousC/ … its pure magic and cake sculpting genius!!!!!

Elli Warren

Wowww!! I absolutely love this!! Amazing, beautiful and fantastic!!! :-) x


Absolutely perfect!



CakeHeaven by Marlene


Mayer Rosales | mayer's cakes

Amazing! I love it!!!

Alana Lily Chocolates & Cakes

Absolutely amazing. Love this piece x

Veenas Art of Cakes

Oh my this is amazing!!


omg this is breath taking so beautiful

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Rainbow Pegacorn Launch!