Blueberry Sprite

Blueberry Sprite
Blueberry Sprite Blueberry Sprite Blueberry Sprite Blueberry Sprite

This is my Blueberry Sprite who is spending time at the base of her favorite tree and next to her beloved blueberries 💙
She was created for a collaboration called @Sugar Myths and Fantasies where I was honored to be part of some of the most incredible sugar works of art I’ve seen in a long time! I stretched my skills and used this opportunity to learn and grow. As a result, I have expanded my wafer paper, airbrushing and sculpting ability. I am grateful to have had such a rewarding experience!!
Thanks 😉


this is one amazing piece stunning


This is just too full of fun, love and cuteness!

Rebecca of Becca's Edible Art,

This is so cool!! I love her!! & all those details!! amazing! :) x

Keren, New Zealand,

So much work… And so worth it!


I loved this piece and all your little blueberry fairies! It was a fave with my little girls too – now ALL blueberries are fairies ;-)

Heather S, CO/USA,

This makes me believe in fairies again… Incredible detailing… Adore your fairies and blueberries are fabulous, all the woodland details are so beautiful and lovingly created. So love this.
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