Vesak Festival Cake Colaboration

My inspiration on making this Gravity Defying cake was the lanterns that people make to celebrate Vesak. I love the fragile movement of the lanterns rising the sky and wanted to reflect it on my cake. I changed the usual red, orange and yellow colors for blues as to create even more connection to the sky. The whole cake speaks about connections and the spiral of live, nor end, nor beginning …The women (Mother Nature) on the wafer paper turning into sky creating a white sheet to paint our vital circle… Birth, childhood , adolescence, adulthood , old age and death…I choose a round cake to create even more a never ending sequence of live.
Hope you enjoy watching it! :-)

42 amazing cake designers from 17 countries around the world have come together to celebrate the Festival of Vesak. Each artist has created a cake to honor the triple anniversary of Lord Buddha – his birth, his attaining Enlightenment and his passing away into Nirvana.
We hope this cake collaboration will help bring enlightenment around the world!
You can see all the beautiful creations at https://www.facebook.com/FestivalofVesakCakes
We wish you all a very Happy Vesak Day!

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Michael Almeida

Beautiful ;)

Elli Warren

Stunning!! Just beautiful!! :-) x


Gorgeous :-)

Mayte Parrilla

Que arte tienes!!!


STUNNING!!! LOve it <3

Calli Creations

So beautiful

Mayer Rosales | mayer's cakes

Gorgeous! <3

Anna Bonilla


Valentina's Sugarland




Sweet Delights Cakery

Beautiful detail work and Love the storyline on the lantern as well. Thank you Georgia for being part of this Collab <3

Delicia Designs

So stunning!


me super encantaaaaaa

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Vesak Festival Cake Colaboration