XBOX 360 Groom's Cake

XBOX 360 Groom's Cake

I have made several XBOX cakes in my career, and each time I have been unhappy with representing the vent holes. On this cake I actually used a hole punch to punch holes out of a sheet of edible image paper. They still had to be applied on the cake one-by-one, but I was finally happy with the look I got from it.

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -


this is so neat, i did XBOX before but mine was now way near yours heheh..this is so coollll!! i love your work!

This is amazing!!! I have to do an XBox in August- I hope you don’t mind if I use your cake as a guide- This really came aout great- well, let’s face it, all your cakes are great! – I’m a huge fan- Love your You Tube Videos!