Wizard of Oz was a certainty to watch for myself & my family every single Christmas, when I was a little girl
My grandparents & parents would sit & watch this fabulously imaginative film with me year after year…it was when this occured I was assured that Christmas was never far away!
Last week I created this small truffle cake …& needless to say when I was asked to create a small Wizard of Oz creation I was ridiculously excited

I would like to take this opportunity to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all customers; past, present & future, & for all your beautiful words of support, encouragemnt & love!! We can not wait for 2015..& intend on making it our most creative & delicious year so far!!!

Allow me to introduce our adorably small -

“There’s No Place Like Home”

Riviera’s Rich Chocolate Truffle Cake -
This Rich, Smooth, lovingly baked Chocolate Truffle Cake Has A Melt In Your Mouth Texture, With It’s Delightful Coating Of; Couverture Chocolate Ganache buttercream, a layer of almond marzipan & sweet, sattina sugarpaste.

A Riviera Couture Birthday Surprise – Introducing a touch of je ne sais quoi – your hidden birthday centre surprise!


A Small Variety Of The Finest And Tastiest Truffles & Brownies In The Land, Comprising Of; -
A Luxurious, & Decadent Selection of; Riviera’s Rich Champagne chocolate Truffles.
These Rich & Ridiculously Creamy Champagne Chocolate truffles are a mouth watering delight & go well with any accompaniment.

“Well Howdy, Miss Gulch”

Riviera’s Buxton Brownie Bites -
These Over Indulging & Moreish triple Chocolate Brownie Bites Are : Delectable, Chewy, Chocolaty, & Dense Bites Of Heaven X

Cheryl Harper Wilson