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New Zealand fire truck

I had the absolute honour of creating this cake for a little boy Maddox who his dying. It will most likely be his first and last birthday.
His dad is a fireman who works with my husband, so we decided to make this little man a Fire truck. I think this cake was just as much for his Dad as it was for Maddox. I tried my best to replicate as best as I could a NZ fire truck, I really wanted to make it special for the family, my heart and soul went into this cake, you guys would understand :)
All completely edible, I tried making the fondant cake board look like burnt wood.

You can view more of my cake at:

Follow Maddox’s story here:

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CakeHeaven by Marlene

Great job!

Sensational Sugar Art by Sarah Lou

It’s brilliant, you’ve done an amazing job. Xx

Calli Creations

i am so sorry to read about this little boy. touching and sure this incredible creation (which you can see was made with much love) would have brought such a smile to his face. thoughts and prayers for the little boy and family xx


Such a sad storey reading about this wee boy, but such a perfect cake I bet he loved it <3

Cakes ROCK!!!

That is a fantastic cake, & will be a happy & loving memory in the face of tragedy. it’s a gift only YOU could have given them, & you couldn’t have done a better job!

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

you are an amazing person and this makes you even more so ..amazing cake and i hope all the best to the little guy xoxoxo hugs

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

A very sad situation and I can imagine you would have worked that extra bit harder to ensure the details and design were just right for such a special little boy and his dad. It’s a magnificent result x

Bethann Dubey

Just awesome love all the details.. <333333 … You did a wonderful job for a special little boy<3 I am sure he loved it <333.. Holding on for a miracle for him <333333333333333333

Aga Leśniak

Cake is fantastic! ! So sad story. .:(((



Becca's Edible Art

So detailed!! Fantastic job!


Very nice !!

The Sweet Duchess

Such a beautiful cake, can’t do justice how you probably made that little boy feel very special. A job very well done.




Beautifully done! I’m sure his family will always remember it.

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New Zealand fire truck