Maori Waka (Canoe)

Maori Waka (Canoe)
Maori Waka (Canoe) Maori Waka (Canoe)

Maori Waka (Canoe)

This cake is close to my heart as I love and adore Maori carving. It’s 1m long and I got less than 24 hours to make it! I do hope I have done justice. It went to the Maori Language school – for their graduation party. They are also taking a Waka ride on Waka KAHAKURA.

Thanks for looking

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I’d say you’ve done it great justice! I agree with Jacqueline it’s beautiful

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

Very nice!

*** Baked with Love ***

beautiful. love the detailing

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Gorgeous details!!!

Amanda Bowman