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Joint 1st Birthday Cake

I made this cake for a joint 1st birthday for 6 babies. Unbelivable amount of fun to make :-)

-- Ella, London UK, or

baby 1st birthday animals lion bear tiger elephant monkey birthday cake vanilla



I saw this photo on your site I think and fell in love with this. Great job. :)

Strawberry Lane Cake Company

Thanks Frosted with emotion, so glad you like it :o)

Sweet Compositions

This is absolutely adorable. I have an order for a jungle baby shower cake and I have been looking for new ways to do the animals. Would you mind if I use yours for inspiration? They are the cutest I’ve seen!

Strawberry Lane Cake Company

Hello sweet composition :o) I really don’t mind. I got the inspiration for the animals from Mad Bakers photo stream on flickr… she is great. It is a compliment if you use my cake as inspiration :o)">


Love this cake! Soo cute!

Strawberry Lane Cake Company

Thanks heavenly sweets and Valley Cool Cakes :-) sorry for the delayed response..

Raewyn Read Cake Design

This is adorable!!! I have 3 girls so usually don’t think about Jungle cakes but I may have to reconsider….just gorgeous! :)


OMG this is just so cute! Do you have a tutorial on how you make the figures? Thanks!

Strawberry Lane Cake Company

Hi Just Sweet Treats :-) I don’t have a tutorial yet but I hope to do one at some point this week as I have a quieter week. The reason I don’t do tutorials is sometimes I have no idea myself how I am going to do something until I do it and then get too busy afterwards to make one for a tutorial :-). I haven’t been cake decorating for very long so lots of my designs are the first time I have tried to do something. I will be sure to let you know as soon as I do.


Lovely idea, very creative!

jodie baker

This is one if the cutest cakes I have seen. Very well done :)

K Cakes

Absolutely gorgeous.

Cake Boutique Monterrey

Lovely cake!!

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Joint 1st Birthday Cake