Hot Wheels Birthday!

Hot Wheels Birthday!

When I got the Hot Wheels request I was like – “I just HAVE to do a loop-de-loop!”. I was hoping to make it bigger but this was the best I could do with the modeling chocolate and still have it keep it’s shape. The car is RKT and the cake is 10in across at the top. TFL!!


Are. You. Kidding. Me! This cake would be a dream for either of my boys! The loop…genius! The car…flawless! Those FLAMES…what the…how did you get them so perfect! I hate doing flames, lol! So much detail down to the entire board! One of my favorite cakes!!! Thanks for sharing!

Ashley K.

I love this cake and it brings to mind the hotwheels ad straight away.

gateaux de mandy

Wow, thanks so much guys! Sorry, haven’t checked in in a bit lol. Lily White – I just found a flame template online and used it to trace the flames out of thinly rolled modelling chocolate, then airbrushed it :) The loop was tricky and took a couple batches of modelling chocolate to get the right ratio of chocolate/corn syrup so it would harden enough to keep it’s shape, but I was SO happy with the end result! And the car is RKT. Thanks again!