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Birthday/Mother's Day Cake

My friend’s hubby ordered this cake for her birthday which happens to fall close to Mother’s Day, so this cake is doing double duty.

I had wanted to try out a buttercream technique that I had seen on MyCakeSchool.com and I was also shooting for an ombre look to the tiers. The hydrangea and lilacs are flowers I made while taking Jacqueline Butler’s online flower course. As you can see from the number of pictures I’m posting, I’m really proud of the flowers! :)

-- Naomi, http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Tea-Party-Cakes/105772839489341

birthday mothers day green cake peony lilacs hydrangea


Ann-Marie Youngblood

My New Fav!!!

Tea Party Cakes

You are just the sweetest person Ann-Marie! Thanks for all the support and encouragement! :)

Rosalynne Rogers

I love the look of this! I have tried it, but it didn’t come out as pretty as yours!

verjaardagstaartenbestellen.nl by Linda

Oh gosh Naomi, now you are just showing off hahaha just kidding! This is AMAZING!!!

I so love, love, love the colors of this cake!!

Tea Party Cakes

Lol! Thank you Linda!



Megan Cazarez


I Sugar Coat It!

LOVELY!! All my fave colours!




wow this is just Beautiful!! you did an amazing job!!


Love!!! Can you tell me where I can find the tutorial on the buttercream effect. I looked on my cake school but couldn’t find it.

Esther Williams

The colour combination is so beautiful! And those flowers are perfect! I have the course online too but haven’t taken it yet, now I can’t wait! Great job!

Gracielicious PH

I LOVE IT!!! you are awesome…always. :)

Tea Party Cakes

Hi manda, if you click on Video Tutorials you will find a tutorial called Ridged Buttercream Technique – Video.

Tea Party Cakes

Awww, thanks so much Gracielicious!

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Birthday/Mother's Day Cake