This cake features hand-painted leopard print using gold luster and copper pearl dusts, black and chocolate brown gel coloring.

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Joann Smith

Love the leopard print.


Love! How do you achieve the shading effect?


Thanks! I started by painting the gold spots using gold and copper dusts mixed with a little vodka and chocolate brown gel color. I then added the black spots using black gel mixed with a little vodka to thin it down, but not too much or it’ll drip. I dipped a wide, flat brush in vodka so that it was slightly damp and then swept it back and forth while moving the turntable. I then took the same brush and dipped it back into the vodka and some more gold and copper powder so that it was just damp and then swept it over the cake while still moving the turntable. Hopefully I can do a tutorial with my next leopard cake!

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