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Wonky Wedding Cake

The bride and groom wanted their wedding cake to be wonky, but they didn’t want the layers cut an an angle. I cut a well into the base of each cake and then the tier above sat in that well. The buttercream cake was finished with piped scrolls, fondant ribbon and bows, and gumpaste tulips. The topper was provided by the couple and they bought it from Etsy.

-- Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

wedding buttercream bow ribbon swirls topper wonky pink floral tulips cake


Linda Wolff

Wow! It’s hard to believe that you did this in butter cream AND wonked it out! Very cool and clean work!!


wow awesome job , buttercream awesome , how do you get it so smoooootthh wow

Jenniffer White

Thank you both so much for the compliments, I work really hard to get a nice finish on my cakes. @Gali – I have made a couple of YouTube videos on how I get my icing smooth, but I do use an all-butter icing, and I think that helps. You can see my YouTube channel here:


your very welcome ,your works are truly beautiful ,


WOW! Very nice!

Ann-Marie Youngblood


Mikooklin's Cakery

Jennifer thanks for the tutorial and I LOVE your accent!!!! LOL! Your cake is beautiful!


Oh wow! That’s a crazy cake but at the same time it’s so elegant! There’s no way I could have put that thing together without completely destroying the BC, yet yours looks almost seamless! Amazing talent!


fanastic work!!



thank you so much for you tut , awersome ,

Jenniffer White

@Mikooklin – Accent? What Accent? All us Southern girls talk like that! :)


WOW! Such beautiful work!


WOW super sharp edges! I usually do not like ‘wonky’ cakes at all- but this one is actually beautiful and elegant! Way to go!!


Gorgeous cake and two thumbs up for your awesome buttercream work!! I wish I could use all butter icing here in the Cayman Islands but it’s too hot here :(

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara)

AMAZING! The edges are pristine! Love the wonky look as well!

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Wonky Wedding Cake