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Nikki's NSSC Farewell

I made this large cake for a beloved co-worker. She is a loving, knowledgeable and wonderful person to work with and there are MANY people that wanted to celebrate with her. Her work was a key centerpiece for this agency and I wanted to express this with her cake. I changed the NASA meatball to reflect her as the key player she was with our organization.

Her favorite cake is Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate Buttercream. I filled the cake with Chocolate Buttercream, mini Chocolate chips and Chocolate Syrup. It was a hit! I added brown sugar, gold sanding sugar and Gold Disco Dust to the top for the Lunar effect on top. The “Meatball” is Modeling Chocolate.

We Love You Nikki! AND We’re Gonna Miss You!

-- Monica Corley Ya'll Stay Sweet!! www.facebook.com/sweetsbymonica