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Butter Cream With Poppy

This is a birthday cake I made for one of my good friends. She always lets me do whatever I want. I’ve wanted to learn the Lambeth Method of cake design forever so this is my meager attempts trying a few things I have seen here and there.

awesome job , i love this LINDA CAKE ; )

-- art deco cakes by gali

Thank you Gail. I liked it too, and I have never been able to totally recreate it just like that again! How are you doing on your piping skills? are you still practicing?

lol , i stinkat pipeing , not good , lol , ?? doing some string work thats all for rite now , have to do a cake for this wke , i maydo some pipeing , ; //

-- art deco cakes by gali

This is such a pretty cake. My grandmother did the Lambeth method too. I’ve always wanted to do some of thier complex overlaying on borders. I’ve never been completely satisfied with my efforts. I love the borders on this cake!

Thank you rosescakes!