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Dr. Suess themed 1st birthday cake

Dr. Seuss themed first birthday cakes. Main cake has three of his book themes, 1st “The Cat in the Hat”, second cake is “The Lorax” and the third cake is “One fish, two fish”. The three books are the clients three favorite books. All details were hand carved and hand painted. *Please note this was not my design and it was a recreated by me as requested by my customer!! She loved it and I had so much fun making it!!!

-- Evelyn's Bakery-Facebook.com/evelynsbakery

I just got an order for this same cake the other day. I hope that I can pull it off as well as you did. Great job!!

Thanks, it was really fun to make and you will really enjoy doing it. Good luck hope yo get to post it so I can see it!! =)

-- Evelyn's Bakery-Facebook.com/evelynsbakery

I like it.Very nice cake!

-- Analaria1