Swimming Gala 18th Birthday cake

Requested by a friend for her son who swims in the local swimming club. It was very personalised for Danny – his best stroke is backstroke; when you swim backstroke you count your strokes from the flags until the end of the pool, hence the flags; there are tumble turn tiles in the bottom of the pool; The swimmer representing Danny has the club logo on the hat (see close-ups of detail). Danny is a lifeguard at the pool, too, hence the references to this.

I have never done a carved cake before, nor have I ever used piping gel for the water effect. This was only the second time I have ever made people, too. The whole cake is 100% edible.

I have decided it is now my most favourite of my cake creations to date – I wonder if you agree? It certainly has been my most time consuming and most challenging, but very good fun, too!

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18th birthday swimming gala pool flags goggles lifeguard lifebuoy tiles water swimmers race blocks medal



Jan! Jan! Jan! This is fab! I love it hun, you have done a super job on this and I can see why this is your favourite! Great novelty cake, so impressed … the master is very proud of the student (LMAO)


This is fantastic!! love the swimmers!!! well done!


Aw – Thanks Shereen – it means a lot to me to read your words of compliment! Thanks for the info on the water trick! You are, indeed the master !!


Thanks Sasha!


wow that is very cool! I love the pool


Thank you Shelly-Anne!

The Faith, Hope and Charity Bakery

This is great. The water affect is so good.


Dear Faith Hope and Charity Bakery- thank you for your compliment – it was good fortune as I has never done water before this cake , so it wax a bit high risk strategy as a non caker!




SarahBeth3 – thank you!


As a swimmer, I love this cake! Great job!


Erin12345 thanks – having had 2 kids who were club swimmers I got to know the layout of a gala quite well over the years……!

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Swimming Gala 18th Birthday cake