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My first Petal Cake

I usually run far,far away from decorating with buttercream lol,lol. But I’ve been seeing all the pretty pics posted of these Petal cakes and decided to give it a go :) Flower centers were made from molds and fondant. Cake is Red Velvet, filled with Vanilla Nut Creamcheese—Petal look was created with crusting creamcheese frosting. Thanks for looking..

-- Julie..!/cakesbyjuliej

This is the kind of design I like very much. Simple, only 2 colors used – but perfectly combined.
Great job!

-- -- Michal, | My Facebook:

Very beautifully done! I love the flower too!

-- Monica Corley Ya'll Stay Sweet!!

Thank you SweetsByMonica. It means a lot coming from you—your cakes ROCK!! :)

-- Julie..!/cakesbyjuliej

this is soooo pretty!!

-- Amanda, A Few Cakes

I love it!! Which tip did you use?? I might have to use your cake as inspiration if you don’t mind!!

Thanks Chrissy. I used a #10 tip—couldn’t find a 12 :) Can’t wait to see yours, this was such a fun cake to make.

-- Julie..!/cakesbyjuliej

Great, thank you!! And did you use a spatula to smear each one?? I saw that on a tutorial… Or did you make each petal differently? Also did you use gum paste for your beautiful flowers???:)

Yes I used a small Wilton spatula. Make sure you start at the back (center) of your cake so you can close it up nicely. Flowers were made from fondant with Tylose mixed in I made them a couple days ahead so they could firm up.

-- Julie..!/cakesbyjuliej

Great, thank you! I really appreciate it!!!!:)