Frozen Elsa Cake

Frozen Elsa Cake
Frozen Elsa Cake

This was fun to make! Lots of luster dust. All decorations are fondant except for Elsa.


Amazing cake. How did you make the fondant icebergs? It looks preety tall. How did you make it stand?

I’d also love a few tips on how to stand up the icebergs! Amazing cake!!

They are fondant with tylose powder mixed in. I also attached sucker sticks to the back and covered them with a strip of fondant. They are very secure!

Can the icebergs be made out of candy melts? We do not like fondant.

Where did you find the Elsa on the cake?

Where did you find that Elsa? I want one doing that same pose for a cake for my daughters birthday

Hi Misty! This is the cutest, most creative cake!! We love it. Id like to make this for my daughters bday and I’m a complete beginner. I’m not sure how you did the trees? Thank you for your advice!
Jenn Janes