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Open Peony Cake with Filler Flowers

Had the pleasure of learning from Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet. This is the finished result.

I LOVE making flowers!

-- Lydia Evans, cake decorator at Cake It ----- -----

I’m JEALOUS! I want to take a class with her! Fantastic results!!!


Stunning!!! They’re absolutely beautiful! I agree with Kerrin, I’m jealous too, well done :)

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

The class I tried to get in was sold out!! I did the online course which was amazing!! Obviously the experience of being with her far exceeds it though. Your results are absolutely exquisite…I too am very jealous but so thrilled for you :)..


Beautiful!! I’ll have to try her online class, I love your flowers :)

-- thea jo,,

Beautiful cake and flowers

A beautiful flower, well done.


very well done! I love seeing all the close up shots.

-- Bito, Handmade with Love..just for you!,

Jacqueline is the best! What a blessing to have learned with her! Stunning work!

Your flowers are beautiful!

-- Tiff - MA