Cupcake Bouquet

I love making these bouquets and have made them for all sorts of occasions, mothers day, birthdays, new baby, and one was a thank you present to a midwife. :) xxxx

-- Kayleighs Kakes - www.facebook.com/kayleighskakes155

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lovely. can’t w8 to give it a try. :-)

Gemma Quarendon

These are lovely, you have some lovely creations. Please may I ask what you put into the pot to stop them falling over? Beautiful work. Gemma x


Thank you Christina, this pink one was my first attempt, they are really lovely to make :)

Gemma i dont put anything in the pot, i simply staple 7 cups together and the cupcakes sit in and ive never had any problems. ive transported them all over the place too and they have never fallen, hope that helps hun xxxx


Do you mind sharing what size cups you use? I usually use a styrofroam insert, but the cups sound more stable than toothpicks. Thanks in advance. Your bouquets are gorgeous!

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Cupcake Bouquet