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'Simples' Baby Oleg Cake

Hi Guys! I’m new to cakesdecor this is my first post :-) but hopefully not my last.

This is my Baby Oleg cake, I’m quite new to making celebration cakes as I started with cupcakes and planned to stay with just the cupcakes but I wanted to make bigger and better cakes so started practicing etc, this is my 6th Celebration Cake i’ve made since starting big cakes 3 months ago. If you don’t know who Oleg is, he is the cute new baby meerkat from the Compare the – Compare the adverts ‘Simples’ :P I hope you like him. He’s not perfect and has his flaws, It would have been so much easier if I had an airbrushing kit, which I am saving up for one! but considering I’m quite new at this, I was quite chuffed with him, I love Oleg such a cute advert!

Jen x

-- Jen x

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Michal Bulla

nice ;)

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'Simples' Baby Oleg Cake