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Pink Ombre Petals and Buttons

This was made for my best friend! Recently she and her husband started being foster parents to her niece and so her Grandmother and Aunt threw them a diaper party! I had originally had an all button design (made about 75 buttons!) but when she saw the petal cake I did yesterday she loved it! So I changed up the design ot surprise her and she loved it!

Dark chocolate chocolate chip cake and vanilla sour cream marbled together with oreo icing filling, vanilla buttercream icing and covered in mmf. TFL! <3

-- Tiff - MA

That is super cute Tiffany! I love the ruffles and the buttons together! Very sweet! xo

-- Creative Cakes by Chris

Another super pretty cake! Love it!

-- Bliss Pastry, Deland, Florida

I love this! The pedal effect is so cute, and I like how you did each row a little lighter in color!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thank you Toni! <3 I’m in love with this technique! I can’t wait to do more in different colors lol.

-- Tiff - MA