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Dora doll cake

My client was quite specific about the doll she wanted it was the Dora doll, she also wanted if possible the dress to look like the one her daughter would be wearing to her party. I had the doll cake pans from wilton so used that plus an added extra layer to get the height for the doll. Hollowed out the centerof the cake, wrapped the lower half of doll in cling wrap then put her in the middle of the cake. The dress came out looking great with the mini ribbon roses, hot pink with white polka dots. The doll came with some little extras so I made a little mini gift bag and put those items in it to make it look like a present and also added a helium balloon to the arm to make it look like she was also coming to the party. Also added some fondant flowers to the basket to make it look like they had just been picked.This is one of my favorites.

-- Tampa, Florida