Peacock Dancer

Peacock Dancer
Peacock Dancer Peacock Dancer

This cake was loved by the recipient and many others but I can’t help but feel a little failure with it…I hurt my right shoulder the day before making it and it restricted me in so many ways from torting to rolling the tons of fondant. And the slight damage in transporting due to potholes all over New York. I let myself down with an incomplete and minimal design ( I felt that I could’ve done so much more with it, including taking better pictures) But overall, when I see happy faces and am still receiving phone calls 2 days after about it’s inside and out, then I think i’m fine. Nonetheless, still some learning to be taken from this. :)

-Sheri Naraine

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Well done, it’s not easy to do big cakes with all the rolling so you did really well to get it done with an injury. The colours and peacock topper are lovely. X