50th Birthday Purse Cake

50th Birthday Purse Cake

This was a cake requested by the recipient’s sister for her 50th birthday party. She loved this purse and asked me to replicate it. The cake was red velvet inside and everything was edible. It served 20 people.

I was a little nervous with this one because the finished cake had to be carried on an airplane to the party, but it traveled beautifully and got lots of attention from people on the airplane. They almost had a mishap at the restaurant however because the waitress didn’t realize it was a cake and tried to pick up the purse and move it to serve dinner LOL


Oh wow, funny story! What kind of box did you carry it in?

Yes, it was funny. The customer carried it in a regular cake box with part of the lid cut away so it could go through security without having to remove the cake from the box.