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Animal Print Topsy Turvy/Whimsical with a Shoe!

This cake carried a lot of firsts for me: My first stacked cake, my first topsy-turvy (yes, I went topsy with my first stacked…lol), AND my first gum paste shoe! I had a blast with this one. It was made for a lady who loves her shoes and animal prints ;).

Cakes: Bottom tier Zebra cake (from the recipe section here, thank you) with a chocolate SMB. Middle tier was an orange creamsicle cake with vanilla SMB, and the top tier was Orange cake with a chocolate SMB filling then iced with vanilla SMB. All where covered with MMF and had gum paste/fondant accents.

Thanks for looking!

-- Crystal Memories in the Baking

This is amazing !Crystal,I have used this recipe most time without any trouble as you see on my pic.If your color mixed you have to add more flour next time.My cup is 166 grams flour.3 cups are around 500 grams.I think my cup is bigger than other cups….lol.I am very sorry ,I did’nt mention.

It worked out perfectly, Nadia. Thank you. And thank you for the kind words! This has been one of my favorites to date…

-- Crystal Memories in the Baking

This is very cute! Great job with the shoe!

-- Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

Thank you, Jennifer…

-- Crystal Memories in the Baking