3D Sculpted Helicopter

3D Sculpted Helicopter
3D Sculpted Helicopter 3D Sculpted Helicopter 3D Sculpted Helicopter 3D Sculpted Helicopter

This was commisioned as a 40th Birthday cake for a friends husband. I was provided with little other than a picture of him with half the helicopter in and asked to make a helicopter cake to serve about 40.

The helicopter was very special to him so I had a big job ahead!

I spent many hours developing drawn plans and had a frame built to support the weight of the cake so it could sit up off the board, rather than have any black boxes hidden underneath. Some parts were scaled down as aircraft generally are long and skinny which makes supporting things difficult.

Would you believe this was my first airbrushing job…ever!! How nervous was I when I carted this carefully sculpted cake in front of the airbrush and started to spray!

I was at the party and no one thought it was a cake which was a little dissapointing to begin with, but once they were told, wow! You should have seen the looks on their faces!

I have never had a cake decorating lesson and only started as a professional decorator 12 months ago. Im proud of this little heli! I hope you enjoy!

Kristy How, www.kristyleescakes.com.au www.facebook.com/KristyLeesCakes


That is just brilliant and you did a superb job. Well done :-)

Thanks guys. I keep getting orders for helicopters and aircraft now, so I think I might have baked myself into a niche!

Kristy How, www.kristyleescakes.com.au www.facebook.com/KristyLeesCakes

Absolutely amazing and incredible that you have never been taught and have been doing this for such a short time! Inspirational to us all!

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Thanks so much everyone. Its nice to have some feedback. Makes it all worth while!

Kristy How, www.kristyleescakes.com.au www.facebook.com/KristyLeesCakes

How did you make the rota blades Kirsty? x

Heather x

fancythat, I tried just gumpaste to begin with but it was just too long and would break under its weight. To keep it light enough I ended up getting some balsar wood from a hobby store and scultping it up using a knife. It was nice and light and just had a thin layer of gumpaste over it, just glued on with vodka. Obviously there was a centre dowel through the cake for the rotor to connect to. :)

Kristy How, www.kristyleescakes.com.au www.facebook.com/KristyLeesCakes