Agent Finn McMissle Cake

Agent Finn McMissle Cake
Agent Finn McMissle Cake

Agent Finn McMissle Cake, he was a challenge..Hot, humid, and wet he isn’t as clean as I would like! =(

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Ann-Marie!! He’s awesome!!! I can’t show it to my son because he will want one for his bday in May. I’ll never be able to pull it off as well as you did! :o)


Aww Thanks for making me feel better about it! I was just so frustrated that the fondant was cracking and stuff…thats stuff drives me nuts!!! The Client let out a scream when she saw it and was jumping up and down so that made my day!

Ann-Maries Cakes

I’ll say it again, this cake is AWESOME! Don’t be so hard on yourself, this is fab!


This is absolutely amazing!!! i think you did an excellent job!!

zahra,, TX

I think this is amazing!! How in the world do you do it girl???!!! These 3D cakes scare me! lol

Nancy Ferguson

It came out so good! You can’t even tell you had any issues at all. Great work Ann-Marie!

Tiff - MA

;) Thanks…Haha Nancy, you know I have a tutorial in my photos on FB if you ever want to try a car!

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