Gumpaste Baby Booties / Instant Baby Booties

One of the issues I have with orders is that most of my orders come in last minute leaving me not enough time to dry my figures. I made one such baby booties due to lack of time and then noticed that customers choose these over my other fancy...

How to make A Checker Board Cake

Here’s how I make a Checker Board cake.

Fondant Billowing Technique

Had three cakes recently that included the Billowing Technique – I hope you like my little how to.

How to make Gum Paste Face

I made a video on how to make faces as a thank you to celebrate my 10,000 Fans. The slower version of making a female face is on my Facebook Page. This is a tad speed up so I don’t bore everyone else.. Hope you like it..

Chocolate Roses - 4 methods/ Modelling Chocolate Roses

This is how I make my Chocolate Roses – Four different methods – all easy and simple.

White Modelling Chocolate

Here’s how I make my White Modelling Chocolate – Simple and Easy.

Dark Modelling Chocolate

Here’s how I make Dark Modelling Chocolate – Simple and easy.. I do hope you find it useful.

Gum Paste Hands

Here’s a quick and easy way to make hands for your gum paste figures.

Checker Board Cake

I made this checker board cake recently for my daughter and wanted to share with you. I hope you find it useful. Thanks

Gum Paste body II - Mermaids body

Here’s a simple way to make a female upper body. I hope you find useful.