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whipped ganache

Hi guys….has anyone got a recipe for a good whipped ganache??? I’ve read lots of different ones on-line with varying ratios and viewpoints on weather or not to refrigerate before whipping?!! Thanks, Sasha

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scaling recipes up and down

Ok guys… am wanting to try out new cake recipes….my question is….if I’ve found a good one, for say an 8" round…how do I scale it up or down to make other sizes?? Is there a formula out there anyone knows of??? Cheers, Sasha

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Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Hi guys, I’ve yet to try making SMBC, at the mo I use the standard recipe of butter/icing sugar……however, am keen to try it out and see what all the fuss is about!! Can anyone share a good recipe and let me know how to go about flavouring it,...

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any ideas for a "bridge" cake - (card game)

Hi guys, I’ve got an upcoming order for a 90th birthday….the theme is the card game Bridge…..have google imaged it, but not been particularly inspired yet…..any suggestions?? Thanks so much x