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Carsedra McKoy

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I'm a wife and mother, I work full time but I love to bake/decorate desserts. I remember being young during Christmas/Thanksgiving seeing my mom and grandmother bake many cakes and pies at one time for dessert. I'd marvel at the beautiful desserts and wanted to learn to make them, so my mom taught me.

When I became a teenager to make extra money during Christmas I would bake/sale pies and cakes. I stopped selling them after I was able to get a regular job, but never stopped baking! I've always dreamed of owning my own business, so I decided in 2010 to take my love of baking desserts and start Sweet Tooth Desserts.

When I started my business I wanted to go beyond just baking simple desserts to decorating them as well, so I started researching techniques and tips on decorating and here I am today. I'm self taught but I'm learning more everyday to perfect my craft. I want to offer my customers desserts that not only taste great but look great as well. Sweet Tooth Desserts is currently a home-based business serving the Atlanta Metro Area but I'm working towards owning my own dessert studio one day.