Reply Is this the right thing to do?

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I agree that giving cakes away may not be a great idea – I did that for almost a year at my office – I made a monthly cake, which was raffled among the employees with the proceeds going to a charitable organization. Everybody loved the cakes – I got lots of oohhs and aahhhs, but at the end of the eight months, I was still hoping that someone would order something from me. So, I finally stopped giving my cakes away!

I suggest getting a website that showcases your cakes; do make some samples for your husband’s office, but when someone has a birthday, or a special occasion – not just because. Church is also a good venue – they hold bake sales, which will give you a chance to show your work – If you live in a gated community, ask if they have a newsletter where you can advertise. Make business cards… eventually, the word will get around and you’ll be busy as a bee – I’m still waiting for that day, but I’m not giving up -:))))