Reply Cake mix vs. Cake from scratch

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I bake from scratch but struggle with my white cake. I’ve got many others down (chocolate, RV, spice, banana, carrot) but that darn white cake. I’m considering trying out some professional baking mixes just for my white and marble cakes. I have a couple of local bakeries that bakes the BEST white cake from scratch. It’s nice and fluffy and moist even out of the fridge. I just can’t duplicate it. Anyone got a great white cake (or marble) scratch recipe they’d like to share?

I promote I bake from scratch to help justify my prices even though it really doesn’t make much of a difference in base cost. I just want my cake to taste as great as it looks.

If your customers are OK with it, bake from a box if that’s what works for you! And I must say I love all the positive advice and that it’s not turning into a “battle”. I’m loving CakesDecor!